Certified Organic Coffee

Certified Organic Coffee Beans are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, just like other organic produce you may see in your local market.

Growing the beans this way not only gives you healthier coffee, it also provides a better working environment for the farmers and worker, and preserves the environment.

The quality of the coffee depends on the quality of the best coffee beans and their processing. The beverage that you enjoy so much comes from the coffee plant seeds.

And if you are looking for the perfect best instant coffee, you HAVE to find the best coffee beans which produce that beverage.

From the Plant to the Beverage

  • Growing Coffee Beans
    Organic green coffee beans are what you should be looking for. The beans are present within the fruit (cherry) of the coffee plant.The plant grows all year around from sea level to approximately 6000 feet in the subtropical and tropical zones. The higher levels tend to have a much better suited climate and produce such famous fruit like the Green Hawaiian, Colombian Supremo or Caribou coffee beans.
  • Harvesting
    Wet or dry harvesting is carried out to separate the raw coffee bean from the cherry. At this stage, the they are called “green coffee beans” because of their color.
  • Roasting Coffee Beans
    Roasting dries out the coffee beans by exposing them to high temperatures. This process releases aromatic oils and darkens the beans until the familiar brown color is reached.By controlling the process, it is possible to produce different types of coffee beans.
  • Grinding Coffee Beans
    Your coffee maker will grind the roasted beans and thus the bean that perhaps started from India finally lands up in your cup.

Types of Coffee Beans

There are numerous varieties of coffee grown all over the world. The best coffee beans of the different coffee plant species naturally have different characteristics. But even the same species of coffee grown in different areas may taste different due to local influences like soil condition, climate, wind parameters, etc.

Around 70 countries that are located within a 1000 mile radius of the equator are currently growing coffee beans. These include Arabia, India, parts of Africa, a part of Hawaii, South and Central America and the Islands of Java and Sumatra.

It would be difficult to say which regions produce the best, because each regional coffee has it own variations and taste is largely a matter of individual preference.

A variety of coffee grown in Jamaica, called the Jamaican Blue Mountain is however largely considered by experts as the epitome of coffee excellence. These tend to be the most expensive coffee beans.

Two Major Varieties

The coffee trade is a huge worldwide business and economies of several producing nations depend solely on that.

Two of the most commercially important types of coffee beans are the Arabica and the Robusta. Additionally, when the coffee plants are shade grown, it offers habitats for many migrating birds, who in turn, keep pests away from the plants. That’s a lot of benefits that fit into one little word: Organic.

As with most industries, there are people who think they can grow coffee in bigger, better and more productive methods. They are clear cutting the rainforests, planting coffee plants that are more sun-tolerant, and using chemical fertilizers to feed the plants, and chemical pesticides to keep insects from attacking them.

Chemical fertilizers pump huge amounts of chemical nutrients into the plants at once. The chemicals infuse the ground, poisoning soil, water, and everything else they come into contact with. The soil erodes because the large trees are not there to hold it in place. Yet they produce a huge amount of coffee this way. Why is this so bad? Let’s take a closer look.

Certified Organic Shade Grown Coffee

The natural coffee plants prefer shade. Planted within the canopy of the rainforests they grow best. The rainforest not only provides shade, the large trees hold the soil in place, preventing erosion of the rich earth that coffee grows best in.

Regional plants and animals keep insect pests away in return for having a sheltered place to live. Co-existing plants nurture the soil with nutrients… annually improving fertility rather than just taking out nutrients and not replacing them.

These Organic Shade Grown Coffee plants grow their beans more slowly, gradually letting the nutrients get to the beans. This results in a more flavorful, smooth tasting coffee bean.

Economically, the chemically farmed beans are produced in such numbers that the cost of raw coffee is kept very low. So low, that small farmers attempting to grow Certified Organic Coffee are having a tough time making a decent living. Yet they are spending the time and effort to grow better tasting beans than the large conglomerates.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

To be a certified organic coffee farm, you need to change working conditions as well. In Organic Shade Grown Coffee fields, workers get to work in natural shade from the sun, they don’t have to handle any dangerous chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides, and they harvest beans over a long period of time as they naturally hit their peak.

In the large sun-drenched coffee fields that are not certified organic coffee fields, the type of beans is limited to more sun-tolerant varieties, farmers must toil out in the direct tropical sun, and harvest is done by every worker having to meet a very high quota for the day or they don’t make their full daily wage. They are exposed to dangerous chemicals when applying them to the fields, and again every time they enter the fields to work with the coffee plants.

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Plan A Family Vacation

Most of us plan for a family  trip with to spend time together. It is all for the enjoyment and the fun. It will be a great change from the mundane routine. It will take you away from the tensions. It is necessary to go for a vacation and that is must to take your tensions away. There are certain aspects that you need to consider while planning a family vacation. There are simple travel tips to be followed to make your vacation a very smooth one. There are certain guidelines mentioned in the article as tips to make your adventure trip a memorable one.

It is necessary to ensure that the kids also involve in the family vacation planning.  They must voice out their opinion. This would encourage them and they would look forward for the family vacations to spend the time together. This will also impart the values and the decision-making capabilities in the children. While planning chalk out the interests, likes and dislikes of your children and go ahead.

family trip together

It is very good to opt for the family vacation while taking the package. There are numerous packages available from where you can choose for the adventure trip. The travel companies can be searched online or through the local call center.. You will get good discounts. Do a good research and compare the prices. You will get many options once you start looking for the best options available in the market.

The next thing would be to plan a right itinerary.  The itinerary must be according to the family and children. You can get it modified that caters to your requirement. You just not choose a place where all your excitement vanishes away. Look for the place that is best in providing the family adventure. You do not have to very adventurous while you are going with family. You must also check on the luggage you carry while going on the adventure trip with kids. It must include the first aid and the emergency kit. You cannot afford to take any chances with kids.  You must keep all the years in the working state. Try and test them before keeping in the backpack. Check the state of tent, umbrellas, best backpacking stoves, rain jacket, etc. Keep all the travel documents well in place. Make the copies and keep in the children’s luggage too.

Parents work very hard to support their kids financially and emotionally. To build some time together and have the strong emotional bond,  the vacation serve the best purpose. The kids will know they very important and are bonded with parents. You will get to spend the quality time with kids on such vacations. Buy the time in form of the adventure family trip. Spend time with your near and dear ones.

If you are taking the small kids for the camping trip, they must be instructed properly  that this would be hiking. The kids should be walking most of the time. The parents will not be carrying them. The kids should be provided required rest time at regular intervals so that they feel fresh for the next walking session.  Their walking distance may be less than the adults due to more time spent in breaks. Do not worry as kids will learn a lot about the nature. It will be adding to their learning process. Parents should do this to motivate their kids for hiking.

planning trip with family

Do the mock test of the hiking session at home. Place the tent in your backyard or inside home. Make your kids practice  sleeping inside the sleeping bags. They would use this sleeping bag during their hiking trip. This will give them the same feeling as they would feel during their camping trip. They will be very comfortable when it really occurs. Do the mock camping act and train your kids. You need to keep the check on the kids. You also should make the notes in your notepad regarding kids activities. This will remind you the cautions to be taken in the next trip. This trip should give good experience to kids and your family. This adventurous trip must be the memorable one. The kids must not feel any extra pressure on them regarding the trip. You need to observe their activities and take the notes. Stay attentive while they are with you. This trip will be different for you as your kids will be with you all the time.

When planning the adventure of your life, spend time with your loved ones. There are many places that you can visit with your kids and family. You can plan and go for river rafting, mountaineering, swimming , trekking, camping or horseback riding. You can go along with the family and visit the wonderful places. It all depends on your budget. Plan your trip according to wish and affordability. You can visit beautiful islands and beaches around the world. You can plan and go for jungle safari in different continent.  You can visit wildlife and other unexplored places. Go near to the nature. Your kids will get chance to learn more on nature apart from having the fun time together.

So, plan to spend time together with family by going on the family vacation. It will be memorable and fun spending time with the loved ones.

Benefits of Drink Espresso

Coffee, particularly now – espresso is brewed by forcing nearly boiling water under presure through fine coffee beans. It is thicker than coffee and has something like crema on top. It has more caffeine than other coffee beverages, that is why it is served in much smaller cups than standard ones. Due to it’s high amount of essential nutrients, it has more advantages than disadvantages for your body.

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1) Wake Up – drinking just one cup in the morning stimulates an effect of being awake.

2) Focus – gives You a boost that You need when feel that your thoughts are somewhere else.

3) Weight Loss – by drinking, it gives You more energy and temporarily reduce hunger. It is also low on calories, so as long as You don’t add sugar or other sweets, it won’t change your fat. Espresso also reduce your appetite, allowing to consume less calories than You would normally take. But to fully exploit this benefit, You need also an exercise. So just one cup before exercise can grant You more power and endurance.

4) Antioxidants – it is a great source of this substance which helps your body to defend against damage that can be done to your cells.

5) Cancer (in mouth or liver) – espresso reduces possibility of getting cancer and for that, credits go to antioxidants.

6) DNA – heart pump more blood in your body than in people who doesn’t drink it, which is good because more oxygen You get, better your muscle functions. Also it contains chlorogenic acid which can improve your cell regeneration.

7) Stroke – by drinking one or two cups per day, You significantly reduce the chance of stroke.

8) Stress – it stimulates stress, possibly just by smelling. So if You are at work, and under high stress, buy a big cup of coffee or just bring it in thermos, drink it and You will feel more better and 5sec before.

9) Depression – espresso is very good in fighting depression and anxiety because it aids in the production of serotonin. You will be more occupied with important things, rather than with suicide and other.

10) Diseases – in particular Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, it reduces risks of getting them. Also it can improve your memory. Better to start preventing these diseases.

11) Hair – hair growth will not be successful in everyone, but it is worth of try; but don’t make gallons of coffee now, because it should be taken on daily basis, not at once.

12) Sex – espresso can ‘bring life’ to several organs, like penis. By drinking coffee, You can avoid develop of dysfunction.

13) Diabetes – it is confirmed tha people who drink on daily basis, lower the risks of type 2 diabetes by 35%.

14) Life – though still in researching, there are some proofs that drinking espresso can lower your risk of dying by 10%. Some would say that 10% is nothing, but better something than nothing. Overall, by drinking espresso or regular coffee, your life can be improved greatly; not just in fields like weight loss or increased energy, but also in improving focus, health and after all, years You have yet to live.

A Brief History Of The Espresso Machine

Getting up in the morning sometimes is a task in itself, nowadays it is hard to go throughout the day without some sort of stimulant to help you get through it. The pace at which life occurs now is so rapid and to survive you need the energy to be able to keep up with it. There are several ways in which people obtain their energy, but probably the most popular and convenient way is through coffee or use of an espresso machine. So much in fact that many people have their own personal espresso machine at home.

Have you ever stopped and wondered how this espresso machine first came about? Or what the first espresso machine reviews was even made of? What genius created the espresso machine? Please join me in a brief history lesson on this beloved modern day commodity, the espresso machine. To further clarify before I began the education of the espresso machine, the espresso is a process not coffee a flavor or blend. It is the process in which to coffee is made. In essence when an coffee or “espresso” machine creates a cup of coffee, it is created by pressurized hot water going through the coffee grounds to extract a concentrated beverage, known as coffee.

Around the 19th century, coffee was a big deal in Europe, but the problem was that it took to long to brew a cup of coffee, which was about 5 minutes for just 1 measly cup! Hence, the espresso macnine was born! An Italian originally created the first espresso machine, but didn’t finish it. Luigi Bezzerra, a Milanese manufacturer, approved upon the original espresso machine design and was successful. Even espresso machines today still have features Bezzerra originally produced on the first machine. Although Luigi successful created the first espresso machine, it was still not a popular appliance due the lack of knowledge of the existence of the espresso machine?

So why are espresso machines so widely know today you ask? For that I have two words, Desiderio Pavoni, who was the man to get espresso machines on the map through numerous marketing efforts and knowledge in business expansion. He also improved on several different aspects of the espresso machine to make it more efficient and customer friendly. Since the creation of the first espresso machine, there has been numerous competition, and many different variations to the original, which is what has been the product of what we have today. This will probably continue throughout time due to the world wide popularity of one of the most beloved beverages of all time. Next time, when you get up to make your coffee with you espresso machine, know that because of the success of two men, Bezzerra and Pavoni, you can enjoy the pleasures of your morning “espresso” and get the energy to get through your day. An espresso machine is only one, a big one at that though, of the many inventions that changes the lives and has became an every recurring part of a daily routine of people each and everyday.