What Do You Need To Know About Home Electric Meat Grinders?

Although the majority of the meat grinders found in the old family units are the operated manually, it will be still be okay to have electrical ones. We are all aware of the fact that manual meat grinders can work fine with small amounts of meat; on the other hand, the best home meat grinder that works can be a great help especially when you are getting ready for a big party in your house, which will consist of all your family, relatives and friends.

We all are aware of the fact that any kitchen machines with motor works so noisy and electric meat grinders are no special case. Besides that, the majority of them are difficult to dismantle and clean, however paying little mind to these, identifying everything that goes in your hotdog or burger is something which is fundamental. Grinding your own particular ingredients, and for this the meat implies a higher quality nourishment with down to earth investment funds of a dollar or two.

All in all, how is it to pick the ideal electric meat grinder? Here are a few tips or two in selecting the grinder for your home.


One of the most important thing is to know the unwavering quality and strength of the electric grinder. Quality items guarantee quality yields from it. Besides that, you will realize that the appliance you are having is something that will last. In testing the solidness and dependability of this meat grinder, the principal thing to consider is the materials used as a part of it.

It is prudent to pick meat grinders, which are entirely made of cast metal, just to guarantee best quality. But, things have changed with the advancement in the technology, as more and more meat grinders these days have some plastic parts in it.

It is absolutely fine to have plastic parts for a grinder, but there is just one thing that has to be kept in mind and i.e., the plastic needs to be of good quality, otherwise the meat grinder will not survive for long.

Apart from this, there is one more thing to consider, i.e., that electric meat grinder that you will buy should be easy to dismantle. This is because of that reality that appliances, which are easy to dismantle and assemble are easier to operate because you will have the ability to take a close look at each and every part that is being added into the device.

Besides that, the cleaning process also becomes a lot easier because every part can be dissembled. Choosing the right brand will also play an important role because a branded product will have long survival rate, plus it will work efficiently every single time it is used.

Always go for top-quality meat grinders because they can ensure uniformly ground meat. Moreover, a branded meat grinder will have genuine warranty, which gives you a sense of confidence that if your device gets malfunctioned, then it can be repaired or replaced easily. So, keep these things in mind for sure.

Knowing the basic will prove quite helpful to you in finding your ideal electric grinder. It is important for you to research at the time when you are making plans to buy a meat grinder because an efficient research will help you pick the right product, thus saving you time.

Having your own meat grinder will be the ideal decision to set up the best supper for you and your family. Why give all that time in planning of your ingredients if you can give your grinder a chance to help in all the mincing and chopping. I would advise you to concentrate more in making an arrangement of perfect dishes and awe your family, relatives and companions. Give them the top quality food that they wish to have in the first place.

There is no doubt upon the fact that a home meat grinder is going to be a great addition in your kitchen, but you will have to keep all the aforementioned factors in mind before buying the product. It is very important to buy the best home meat grinder, which has all the features that you require in the first place.

Top 6 Best Dark Roast Coffees in 2016

Devout coffee lovers will tell you that you haven’t tasted true coffee until you’ve tried dark roast coffee. But for varied reasons, a lot of people shy away from the dark brew, probably because of the presumed bitterness and the jacked-up jolt that is associated with this stronger blend of coffee. But does dark roast really mean bitter and strong? And will these 6 dark roast coffee blends convert any non-believer? Read on to find out.

What is Dark Roast Coffee?

A lot of people have this misconception that dark roast coffee beans automatically means highly caffeinated. In truth, roasting the beans for longer (hence the “dark” roast) makes them less caffeinated—the longer roasting process burns off more of the caffeine in the beans. This would mean that light roast blends have more caffeine, despite what most people would automatically assume.

The beans themselves have much to do with how caffeinated the blend will be. There are plenty of classifications of coffee beans, but two of the most popular are the Arabica and Robust avarieties. Of the two, Robusta contains more caffeine. You can check for the bean variety of your favorite blend to know if it packs quite the punch.

Brewing time also plays a role in how much caffeine eventually winds up in your drink. Basically, the longer you brew the ground beans, the more caffeine your coffee will end up having. Coffee made from traditional drip makers will have more caffeine than, say, a French press. Espresso shots actually have the least amount of caffeine, as the beans only stay in the hot water for less than a minute. But you can easily feel the jolt because the single shot is so concentrated as compared to a cup of your regular joe.

So what difference does dark roast coffee have? Easy—longer roasting time means an entirely different flavor profile. What really changes during the roasting process is the flavor, aroma and taste—the “sensual” characteristics of the coffee.

Let’s be honest – when you’re still groggy in the morning, it’s not the first sip of coffee that gets you awake, it’s the smell. Aside from its taste, the aroma is one of the “sensual” characteristics that differentiate the good coffee from the bad. Roasting coffee beans enhances their flavor, in the same way that roasting nuts and smoking bacon does.

Dark roast is different from light roast because the beans are roasted until they produce their natural oils that make the final brew silky smooth. Roasting longer also burns off most of the “bite”, or that acidic aftertaste that is apparent in most light roast variants. This boldness in flavor that slides on smoothly with no acidic aftertaste is what coffee lovers call the “full-bodied” taste. It’s the heart of their obsession with the potent drink.

Now that you’ve had a crash course about dark roast coffee, why not try some and taste the difference? Here are 6 blends that you can try:

1. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

This hefty 2-lb (32oz or 907.18g) bag is said to have 100% Arabica beans organically sourced from Sumatra, Guatemala, and Columbia.

Koffee Kult tags their dark roast coffee as “artisan roasted”, which guarantees the freshest roasted beans every time.

As for the taste, this blend boasts being the best choice for coffee gourmands, with the blend tasting bold and heavy, smooth, and with a cinnamon-y taste but no bitterness and little to no acidity.

No claims regarding the caffeine content, though the beans are purely of the Arabica variety, so just by judging by the beans, caffeine content isn’t as high.

2. Death Wish Ground Coffee, Dark Roast

Death Wish coffee has made its rounds on the media, as the brand claims to be “the world’s strongest coffee”.

Death Wish came into fruition when its owners tried to look for a dark roast blend that has all the sensual characteristics and the caffeine content as well.

When they came up empty-handed, they decided to create the perfect blend themselves.

Understandably, their blend of coffee beans is a closely-guarded secret, but they say that each brew from this 16oz bag promises the “never bitter”, bold, smooth taste with the hints of chocolate and cherry that its fans praise.

3. Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean

Here’s another 100% organic Arabica whole bean roast coffee.

Subtle Earth Organic’s beans come from the Marcala region of Honduras, and are certified by the CCOF to be organic and GMO-free.

While their beans are sourced from Honduras, their roasters are situated in Miami, Florida.

They say that the beans are roasted in small batches per order, so you can get them as fresh as possible.

This 2-lb bag of gourmet whole coffee beans is said to brew cups of velvety smooth coffee, with a “profound” flavor profile including hints of smooth and rich milk chocolate, and with subtle undertones of caramel, honey, and cocoa.

4. Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Whole Bean Coffee

Kicking Horse is offers another premium bag of dark roasted Arabica whole beans, this time, named Kick Ass.

Each 2.2-lb bag of Kick Ass hails its coffee beans from South America and Indonesia, and is certified organic, Fair Trade, and Kosher.

The beans are roasted in the Canadian part of the Rocky Mountains.

Some say that this specific location in the roasting makes this coffee retain most of its kick.

As for taste, Kicking Horse’s Kiss Ass flavor profile is smoky, sweet, and audacious. When compared to Kicking Horse’s two other coffee blends, Kiss Ass has the boldest flavor, making it the true dark roast from the three.

5. Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee

What used to be Death Wish’s debut product became a worldwide sensation.

This 16oz bag contains the same secret blend of highly-caffeinated whole coffee beans, still certified organic, Kosher and Fair Trade, and still claiming to be the world’s strongest.

Just like the ground coffee variant, Death Wish’s whole bean variety promises the same satisfyingly bold, smooth flavor that its cult followers laud praises over.

Death Wish rose to fame by claiming to have crafted the world’s strongest coffee, which means it has the highest caffeine content in all coffee blends in the world.

They’re complete confident in their product that they’re even backing every bag with a money-back guarantee.

6. Black Knight Dark Roast

Black Knight Dark Roast is a coffee blend variant by Fresh Roasted Coffee.

Each 2-lb bag of organic whole bean coffee comes from Central America and Indonesia and is roasted using the air drum technology.

Fresh Roasted Coffee prides itself in its air drum roasting process, which is said to be environmentally friendly.

Fresh Roasted Coffee claims their Black Knight dark roast is aptly named… akin to black knights of old who bring calamity, mayhem, and “all-around awesomeness”.

Roughly translated, Black Knight promises a flavor profile that is as bold and loud, but not as bitter or acidic as lower-grade dark roasts.


Are you now a dark roast convert? Or at least a curious connoisseur? You can start your dark roast coffee journey with these 6 coffee blends. With their army of fans and Amazon verified positive reviews, you can’t go wrong. And if you happen to enjoy what you just sipped? Stocking up on the magical brew is just one click away.


You see, not only must you “adjust’ the paint, but you must also “tune’ the spray gun. First of all, the gun must be working properly. This is usually a matter of keeping it perfectly clean, and of not gouging any of the orifices with hard objects (i.e., wire) trying to clean it. Clean the gun thoroughly with thinner after each use. Also, make sure the packings are tight and lightly oiled so air doesn’t leak in and make the gun “spit.’ If your spray gun doesn’t work properly, and cleaning doesn’t fix it, you can’t adjust it for smooth painting. Most auto paint stores can test and repair guns, or tell you where to have this done. You might just need a new cap or packings. On the other hand, you might have a gun with poor tolerances (as some “cheapie’ imports do), or a “professional’ airflow rating that exceeds the capabilities of your home compressor. We can’t go into detail on this, but be aware that your compressor must be able to “keep up’ with your spray gun. A rule of thumb is that the gun should not require more than 4 cfm per 1 horsepower of compressor rating. If the pressure at the gun drops while you’re painting, or the pattern dwindles, the gun is too big for the compressor.An important problem, which is how to choose the best air compressor for spray gun? We recommend that you buy the best air compressor at airtoolresource.com . Right here ,you get expert air compressor reviews which can help you purchase the best air compressor for spray guns

Now, assuming the gun is in good shape and matched to the air source, you must adjust it before you start to paint the car.

  • There are three variables here: the fan pattern knob and the fluid control knob on the gun, and the air pressure control from the compressor. Start with the air pressure.
  • Again, the label on the paint can should give you a recommended spraying pressure range. For acrylic lacquers, the “at-gun’ pressure is usually around 35 to 40 psi.

Better yet, Sharpe Manufacturing Co. (P.O. Box 15042, Los Angeles, CA 90015), makers of quality spray guns, can send you an air pressure range chart listing all popular brands and types of automotive paints, as well as a goodspray gun test pattern/troubleshooting chart, both of which you can hang in your garage for ready reference.

Notice we said “at-gun’ pressure; this is critical. Air pressure drops through a hose, depending on its length and diameter. Therefore, for beginners, I strongly suggest you add a small pressure regulator, with a gauge, to yourspray gun. With practice you can adjust the pressure by “feel,’ but you might as well start out knowing what you’re doing, right?

So you have mixed the paint, filled the gun, and adjusted the pressure to the recommended range. Now you should spray a test pattern on something other than the car you want to paint. A piece of sheetmetal would be great, cardboard would do; some painters use the wall, I use the side of my trash can. But always test the spray pattern. Hold the gun 8 to 10 inches from the surface, and pull the trigger for 2 seconds. The paint should make a solid “cat’s eye’ pattern 8 to 10 inches tall, without much overspray around the edges and without running in the middle. This test should be made with both the fluid and fan controls turned fully open (counterclockwise), since this is the position they will be in for most car painting. If this test pattern looks like the one in the photo, make a pass to the right and left. The paint band should be lighter, but even from top to bottom.

If the intital test pattern is heavy at the top or bottom, or both, or if it’s crescent-shaped, you probably have a clogged or defective cap on the gun. In some instances when the pattern is heavy at top and bottom (called split-spray), or if there is excessive over-spray, you probably have too much at-gun air pressure. Turn it down 5 or 10 pounds and try again. Another way to sometimes cure split-spray or over-spray is to reduce the fan pattern by turning the fan control knob clockwise. However, for painting the exterior of a car you normally want maximum fan and fluid flow. If you have to reduce the fan below 8 inches, either the pressure is still too high or the gun needs fixing. The fan and mixture controls are mainly for painting smaller areas, such as doorjambs or spot repairs. In such cases you narrow the pattern, reduce material flow accordingly, and lower air pressure to get a smaller spray that doesn’t run.

But when it comes to laying color coats on a car, your primary concerns are a good gun, correct thinner, and proper air pressure to minimize over-spray, maximize flow-out, and prevent runs.

Avoiding Zombie Coffee and the Flavor of Apocalypse

Halloween is almost upon us, but avoiding Zombie Coffee and the Flavor of Apocalypse is a daily task we don’t take lightly here at the FPA (French Press Authority, for those of you who haven’t yet had your coffee).  Let’s face it, zombies are everywhere.  According to “experts” a Zombie Apocalypse is inevitable.  I passed a few on the highway during my drive to work today.  I saw a few in my neighborhood.  I even had a few small ones come down my hallway.  Face it folks – zombies are all around us.  Something has to be done.  But fear not, the FPA is on the case.

Avoiding Zombie Coffee

When we talk about avoiding Zombie Coffee, my good friends, we aren’t referring to any brand or real coffee shop.   (Any characters or coffees appearing in this blog post are fictitious.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. – our attorney asked us to add that in).  But with that said, we are almost talking about real people who appear living and also dead.  Because on those occasions, its 5 or 6 AM.  The bed head hair is askew like an orangutan on crack.  Those living dead stumble down the hall to the bathroom, often groggily reaching out.  And as they await the blood to re-circulate to the head, it is a scary site.  But I digress.  What these people need is coffee.  What they need is FPA to help them in avoiding Zombie Coffee.  Sadly, that is what most end up drinking.  It’s a shame really.  Take heart, my friends, we have the solution.

By now it is a foregone conclusion – if you’re drinking machine-made coffee, you’re pretty much already dead and have given up on the gift of life.  But if you wish to join the wise and alive, you know the best french press is the only way to go.  (We’re stating the obvious here, but if we have Zombies reading this post who wish to run to The Light, it’s good to add the disclaimers).  Now, this is a little horrific to suggest, but it must be said.  Even IF you are drinking coffee made with a French Press, it is STILL possible you are not avoiding Zombie Coffee.

Avoiding Zombie coffee isn’t too hard, so don’t get too frightened.  It only takes a few small steps, but they are important nonetheless.

  1. Make your French Press coffee as we have suggested already in making the Perfect Cup of Coffee post.
  2. When the total brew time of 4 minutes has elapsed, DO NOT press the plunger
  3. Instead, using one or two spoons, carefully break the coffee crust that has formed and remove as much of the grounds that have collected at the surface and discard them
  4. When the majority of the bloom (or foamy appearance) is removed, now it is time to place the plunger and depress it

Review of the Steps in Avoiding Zombie Coffee

When you drink coffee made without skimming versus coffee that is skimmed – you’ll think you’ve just drank rotted flesh.  You should find that unskimmed coffee is “sludgy,” “mucky” and “Zombie-like.”  Let’s put it this way:  we’ve all seen good Elvis impersonators – but they still aren’t Elvis.  Am I right?  So, for your sake, please skim your coffee.  By the way, another great tip is this:  if you do decide to “skip on the skimming” then for the love of God, don’t push your plunger down so far that you “squeeze” the grounds.  You’re setting yourself up for even more heartache in doing so and extracting some pretty horrific consequences.

Of course if you’re not into avoiding Zombie coffee, just ignore this trick and miss out on a treat.  Thoughts?

Why Choose Organic Coffee?

Coffee is the second most highly traded commodity in the world. Let that sink in for a minute. The first, you might have guessed is oil. Huge portions of the earth in Central and South America, Africa and Southern Asia have been converted to the cultivation of coffee. This has had a dramatic and sometimes devastating effect on the land, plants, animals and peoples of these particularly sensitive parts of our planet.

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers: Coffee is the third most intensively chemically treated crop (after tobacco and cotton) in the world. Of greatest concern is that these chemicals are being used in countries that do not have any real regulations. There are at least twelve chemicals routinely used for growing coffee (known as the dirty dozen). These are either banned, highly regulated or under clinical study because of their negative effects on human, plant and animal life. Most familiar of these is DDT that has a disastrous effect on birds in particular. It almost wiped out the American Bald Eagle until it was banned in this country. Other of these chemicals are either outright poisons and toxic to all living things or have been linked to cancer and a wide range of birth defects.

Help the Land: Organic coffee is grown on farms that do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. There are no harmful chemicals on the coffee trees, berries, land or any run off into the ground water.

Help the Plants: The introduction of all of these chemicals has wiped out numerous species of indigenous plant life. Further the clearing of the land to plant the coffee groves has removed huge tracts of rainforests and other ecologically important habitats for this natural fauna.

Help the Animals: Birds, many which migrate from North America to Central and South America, have been particularly hard hit by commercial coffee growing. They are not only killed or cannot reproduce effectively because of the chemicals but they are losing their habitats and food sources. It is reported that an organic coffee grove with indigenous shade trees and cover has 95% more bird and animal life than a chemically treated grove. These chemicals get into the ground water and pollute the streams and rivers making their way throughout the food chain.

Help the Farmers and their Families: One of the most devastating effects is upon the people who work on these chemically treated coffee plantations and live in the area. These chemicals literally become part of their diet, as they are present in the drinking water and the ground. Children are most at risk as they accidentally are poisoned or burned through direct ingestion or exposure to these chemicals. Some chemicals build up in the system and cause liver and other organ dysfunction. Just as serious are the long term effects on the reproductive system and the incidence of mental and physical birth defects.

By simply drinking organic coffee you can help save the earth, animals and peoples of the coffee growing countries without having to sacrifice anything. Organic coffee tastes as good as if not better than any chemical treated coffee. Further as your body is the end of the food chain for these chemicals as well, you will be doing yourself a favor.